Cheesies and Chops

Cheesies and Chops


Recycled timber keeps on giving. 

We aim to use 100% of our timber offcuts and left over materials for the greater good.

Rather than making our 'cheesies and chops' from new materials, we create these boards from all our furniture offcuts. 

By working this way our workshop has minimal timber waste and helps give new purpose to something that would otherwise end up in the scrap bin.  

Most commonly, we have Blackbutt, Ash, Blackwood and Marri ready to go. Contact us if you are after a particular timber species and we will see what we can find.

Please note that these products are made with workshop offcuts. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery, as supply is subject to availability. We aim to find the exact species that you may require, but please note that these boards are made purely from our offcuts. 

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