What is wood good for?


Absolutely everything.


Why wood is so good.

Being a natural product, each timber variety is different; from the feature grain it displays to the colours that come through once you've rubbed on a natural oil. 

Timber doesn't necessarily mean rustic. It can add warmth, while still keeping that modern look and feel.

Where we get our wood.

We choose to use two of Melbourne's leading recycled timber yards, Whelans Warehouse and Urban Salvage.

Both of these businesses are committed to selling sustainable and recycled timbers from demolition sites, wharfs, bridges and railways across the country. 

Each piece of timber has it's own unique story. We've created pieces using Oregon and Messmate beams from the Myer emporium development. 'The Penguin' table listed in our store was made from reclaimed Blackbutt decking sourced from the old Phillip Island Penguin Parade. 

Caring for your wood.

To keep the natural beauty of timber, we use the most natural finish possible. 

All of our timber finishing products are locally sourced from Grimes & Sons in Melbourne's north east. Why buy overseas when you can buy right here in our backyard.