Frequently Asked Questions


Do you only use recycled timber?

Some of the best materials are right here, growing in our backyard, or holding up the roof next door. For this reason, we try to steer clear of American Oak, Walnut and other exotic timbers and use recycled, reclaimed and sustainably sourced Australian timber.


Why choose custom made? 

Many people think a hefty price tag comes with commissioning custom made, but having a handcrafted piece of timber furniture in your home is now more accessible than ever. By choosing custom you’ll not only have a piece with your unique design stamp on it, you will also reduce the amount of furniture ending up in landfill and support smaller makers in the process. 


Can Ingrain make everything?

Pretty much. With timber anyway. Get in touch and let us know what you're after. If we aren't the right maker for your job, we have a heap of good wood buddies in Melbourne we can put you in touch with.


How should I care for my timber furniture?

Like one of your children. Unlike raising a child though, we give you all the advice you'll ever need from the get-go to care for your furniture to ensure your piece stands the test of time. Check out our care information here.


What sort of warranty does Ingrain provide?

Products supplied by Ingrain Designs hold a 7 year internal structural warranty on all furniture.. We use only the highest quality of furniture grade timbers, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology we aim to make furniture that will last a lifetime when used as intended.

We also warrant all surface finishes for 2 years. This covers chemical failure of the finish, but does not cover wear and tear, or failure due to environmental factors or misuse.

Our warranty only covers designs by Ingrain Designs. Ingrain is not responsible for structural failure or timber movement which has been designed or requested by others. For example we do not recommend or manufacture vanities with a cladding of any timber thicker than 20mm.

Natural environmental factors will affect the condition of furniture which can lead to cupping, timber splitting, shrinkage, expansion and timber finish discolouration which unfortunately cannot be warranted. 

For more information, check out warranty here.


Will you ship furniture to me? I live miles away from Melbourne.

Totally. We ship nationally – and that includes you, Tassie! When shipping, we use top line national carriers, who ship door-to-door. Please note that the couriers are unable to deliver any freight inside your house.


Does my furniture come assembled?

All of our products come fully assembled, apart from our dining tables. To ensure safety of the product in transit and to minimise freight costs, our dining tables have leg bases and frames removed.

These items will need to be installed by you, but don't worry, we can walk you through it. All fixings are provided. We also do this so that you can position the legs of the table to suit your chairs, as all seating options are different sizes. Chat to us if you want to know more.


Does it really take eight weeks or more to make my item?

Yep. Everything we make is handmade from scratch in our workshop. Timbers like Hydrowood Blackwood and Celery Top Pine sometimes have a long milling time, which can push out our lead times. We always endeavour to get your item to your door at 8-10 weeks from time of ordering however sometimes this lead time can change without notice.

We will always keep you in the loop and work with you around any delays. In regards to bathroom vanities, always remember to order your unit well and truly before they are needed, to ensure your don't hold up any trades. If the lead time tracks over 16 weeks, we will fully refund your shipping costs.


Your vanities look heavy. Should we reinforce our bathroom walls?

A standard 1200mm vanity unit is around 65kgs. If you are not sure on the best solution, get your builder or installer to speak to us.


What finishes do you use on furniture? 

We use OSMO PolyX on all of our products. The natural oil and wax finish we use and recommend for high traffic components.

It is available in a natural satin finish or a raw satin finish. It is derived from natural oils and waxes. It is easily repaired, re-coated, and super waterproof.


 Further questions?

Have a question not answered by the above? Get in touch – we'll be happy to answer any other queries you might have.